About DUEL

In 1997 our jurney started… DUEL has been on the market as a leader in the gold manufacturing field for over 20 years.


Since inception, DUEL has always stood out for its innovation and constant improvement of the quality of its products.

For example, the introduction of vacuum suction for microcasting; this enabled the substitution of old centrifuge machines, which are now only used for platinum and steel.

We cast platinum and steel for the most popular brands worldwide, together with over 50 types of alloys and over 10 different titles.

Thanks to our x ray spectrometer we can analyse every metal inside products.

We provide clients with a certificate of quality and warranty of the type of metal.

DUEL also has created a project design 3d printing department, which has revolutionised the world of findings, combining traditional labour and 3d printing.
DUEL has been a pioneer of innovation, which has enabled a lot of brands to be on the luxury market with more and more sophisticated and better quality products.

Thanks to its forward-looking vision, DUEL has made an important investement in the findings sector. we have opened an online shop, selling findings and introducing the option of gold on entrustment for manufacturing.

We will become a competent partner that helps you in every step of the creation of your product.

Our know how and our equipement, consisting of 100 machines and tools, will be available for you.

On our e-commerce shop you can find more than 25,000 products including findings, plates, wires, tubes, solderings, turned products, settings, diamonds, precious stones and ingosts in every metal such as gold, platinum, palladium and silver of various titles and colors: 18kt, 14kt, 9kt, 800, 950 and 925 in white, lemon yellow, yellow, warm yellow, rose, red, deep red (1n, 2n, 3n, 4n, 5n, 6n).


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Largo S. Eligio n° 16 (Zona Coinor)
15048 - Valenza (AL) - Italy
VAT: 01710770064
Phone: +39 0131 942293


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